An Apology to Campagnolo Cyclists Around the World

The following came to us via E-mail from a contrite (and clever) correspondent. We provide it to you, the loyal Campagnolo fan, to help assuage the writer's considerable guilt.

"About a year ago, I bought a Pinarello. My LBS strongly suggested I go with the Ultegra group, assuring me that it was reliable. I had my heart set on Chorus, but I saw the price and went with Ultegra. I had Sachs Ergo shifters (built by Campy) installed, and a Sachs rear derailleur, but the rest of the bike was Ultegra.

The first night I had the bike home, I started hearing strange noises. I paid no attention to them, thinking they were the animals outside.

After a few weeks, I finally investigated. As I walked toward my beautiful Italian bike, I realized that the noises were coming from the bike. It was speaking to me in Italian, which I couldn't understand, except for the repeated "par favore" at the end of the sentence.

I thought I was crazy and hallucinating. The noises, however, kept continuing. My bike, being highly intelligent, had learned English, and now I could finally understand what it was telling me. I would walk up to the frame, and it would say, "Please, Mike, get this Shimano garbage off of me. It hurts, it smells, and it makes me ugly. Please, par favore."

I knew then what had to be done. My bike's well being was at stake. I've started to replace the components. The front derailleur will be a Record derailleur early next week. Those ugly ultegra brakes will go next. Soon, the bike will be all Italian, except for the lovely wheels.

In front of the world, and this august audience, I apologize for my crime and ask for forgiveness.

Friends don't let friends ride Shitmano.


Thank you, Mike, for telling your story. We here at Campagnolo Only hope that reading this may help others like yourself see the light!

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