Campagnolo's 1991 catalog contains much of interest to fans of the stuff from Vicenza. In 1991, Campagnolo still offered a full line of MTB components (later dropped in the face of competition and better parts from Shimano), as well as two separate tandem lines--one for road use, the other for off-road. The names of the gruppos include the familiar (Record, Chorus, etc.) and the obscure (ever heard of Themis and Xenon?).

Also included in the '91 catalog was one of the few appearances of the Record gruppo in the unusual "Century" finish--a dark grey anodized finish that was offered for only two to three years.  Only about 300-500 sets of Century-finished Record gruppos were shipped to the United States, making it among the rarest of gruppos.

Presented here are scans of the catalog.  Click on any image to see a full-size version.  Thank you to Bill Ward Bicycles for providing the catalog to us!

91record.jpg (100049 bytes) 91croce.jpg (99738 bytes) 91chorus.jpg (97241 bytes) 91athena.jpg (102112 bytes)
The Record Gruppo, including the unusual Delta brakes Croce D'Aune. a mix of Record and Chorus parts Chorus Athena, which included a triple crankset option
91xenon.jpg (99907 bytes) 91recordpista.jpg (94324 bytes) 91euclid.jpg (112748 bytes) 91olympus.jpg (96555 bytes)
The "Xenon" gruppo Record Pista, including the unusual "Keirin" version, produced solely for the Japanese track racing circuit Euclid, the top-of-the-line MTB gruppo Olympus MTB
91centaur.jpg (106287 bytes) 91themis.jpg (104216 bytes) 91tandemroad.jpg (95240 bytes) 91tandemmtb.jpg (95640 bytes)
Centaur MTB gruppo Themis MTB gruppo, also offered with road brake levers. Tandem road gruppo--included were Delta brakes Tandem MTB gruppo
91lubetool.jpg (63287 bytes) 91bottles.jpg (77952 bytes) 91century.jpg (45848 bytes) 91addresses.jpg (45876 bytes)
Lubricants and special Campagnolo tools Campagnolo offered a full line of water bottles in 1991, including a bottle specifically for the MTB market Close-up view of the Record Century gruppo.  On of the rarest of the Campagnolo gruppos--less than 500 made their way to the U.S. Campagnolo USA hadn't moved to California yet--here are the Campy addresses as they existed in 1991 (the Campagnolo web site was still years away)


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