If these photos prove anything, it is that fantastic products can come from the most mundane
of places.  Campagnolo's factory in Vicenza, Italy, is certainly no beauty--although it does boast
perhaps the world's largest "Campagnolo" logo.

We invite you to browse through these photos.  Each image links to a large version. Give them a minute or two to load--we've put big files up so you can see every detail.

campag1.jpg (68814 bytes) campag2.jpg (62971 bytes) campag4.jpg (61903 bytes)
Photo above: It's hard to miss Campagnolo's factory!
Photo below: Campagnolo is one of many factories in Vicenza's bustling industrial area.
Photo above: Behind these walls, the world's greatest cycling components are created.
Photo below: Enter here--check out the security camera!
Photo above: Gates and security cameras guard this entrance.
campag5.jpg (42070 bytes) campag3.jpg (62635 bytes) Thank you to reader Carlo Valsecchi of Padova, Italy, who sent these photos to us. Carlo is lucky enough to work in Vicenza--he sees Campagnolo's home every day!

Click here to see photos of Carlo at the factory

The photos below are reproduced from a Japanese magazine published in 2002.  Check out the large stocks of raw materials, and the workers diligently pursuing their crafts.  Click on any image for a larger version.

camp_factory1.jpg (776385 bytes) camp_factory2.jpg (400974 bytes) camp_factory3.jpg (238075 bytes)

all_about_campagnolo.jpg (184182 bytes) Thank you to reader Grant McLean for sending these photos.

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