November 2006---After years of use, the retention spring on one of our Pro-Fit pedals finally broke (we have Pro-Fits on six different bicycles).  Rather than toss the pedals, we decided to delve into a little repair project.

We went to one of our local bike shops, which was able to order the retention springs (a pair for both pedals) from the Quality Bike Parts catalog.  Price was about $26 for the pair (a lot less than a pair of new pedals.

Taking apart the pedals is pretty straightforward.  First step is to back off on the tension adjustment (the allen fitting at the rearmost part of the pedal).  You should see the little indicator in the rear window go all the way to the "-" side.  Next, take of the plate on the top (it's held on by two phillips head screws).  Finally, use an allen wrench to take out the bolt that the spring pivots on.  Taking it out, by the way, is the easy part.  At this point, you can

Here are photos of the pedal parts and internals:

IMG_1923_800.jpg (133343 bytes) IMG_1925_800.jpg (110065 bytes) IMG_1926_800.jpg (139843 bytes)
Pedal parts. This photo shows two new retaining springs, plus the old broken one. Rear view of the pedal with all parts removed. Retention spring. Broken unit is at the right.

Putting the whole thing back together goes in reverse order. The hard part is getting the pivot bolt back in.  It's easy to get it into the pedal, but lining up the end with the corresponding hole in the other side of the pedal requires that you compress the retention spring (there is constant tension built into the pedal when it is assembled).  We tried our hands and a pair of pliers and finally hit on the idea of using two small clamps, as shown below:

IMG_1928_800.jpg (147480 bytes)

One clamp pressed the parts together top-to-bottom, the other back-to-front.  With enough pressure on the clamps, the bolt went back in, and we were almost done.  The final step involved putting the top plate back on, and our repair was complete.

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