JB refinished this 90's era Benotto in March 2005 with his Signature Finish. Details included:
  • Saving the existing chrome on the fork and rear triangle
  • Completely stripping the old paint
  • Signature Finish
  • Apply a NOS set of 1980s decals
  • Hand-painting in several detail areas, including on the fork crown
  • Airbrushed "scallop" detail at the paint/chrome boundary
  • Retro Campagnolo decal at the bottom of the seat tube
  • Added a pump peg on the head tube

Compare JB's finish with the factory paint to see what a difference a great paint job can make!

JB Finish (April 2005)
dscn3506.jpg (183841 bytes)
Side view. Color is Dupont Imron "rad red"
dscn3508.jpg (200172 bytes) dscn3509.jpg (83074 bytes)
Compare this shot with the seatstay photo below--contrasting paint makes the details stand out
dscn3510.jpg (87209 bytes)
Contrasting paint and a "scallop" transition from paint to chrome
dscn3511.jpg (110543 bytes)
JB's signature and a retro Campagnolo decal
dscn3515.jpg (85699 bytes)
Decal set was NOS from the 1980s, and features the world champion colors
img_0081.jpg (186976 bytes)
Another front shot
img_0083.jpg (150862 bytes)
The rear triangle
Factory Finish (Nov. 2003)
Dscn2522_800.jpg (215024 bytes) Dscn2529_800.jpg (85426 bytes) Dscn2530_800.jpg (163197 bytes) Dscn2524_800.jpg (184882 bytes) Dscn2527_800.jpg (197898 bytes)

Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing
3735 Kenora Dr., Suite C
Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 469-4312

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