Well, longtime correspondent (and Campy-loving bike shop mechanic Tim Laflin has done it again! Here is his latest list of a few of the reasons those who work with bikes every day prefer Campagnolo!

"From the home office in Boynton Beach Florida I have compiled a new top 10 reasons that mechanics like Campy over ShimaNO.

10. Shift and brake cable sets come with the ferrules and crimp ends.

9. Dual Pivot Brakes have bias adjustment.

8. Campy allows holding brakes with a wrench to position. ShimaNO has nothing to hold for positioning the brakes.

7. Campy includes serrated washers with brakes to keep them in position. ShimaNO expects you to buy them or borrow them from somebody that go a new Campy gruppo.

6. Campy uses a steel bottom bracket cable guide that lasts forever. ShimaNO uses plastic that cuts cable grooves and won't shift right.

5. Campy uses cable adjusters that you can turn. Campy's adjusters are all one machined piece. ShimaNO uses a cheap bolt with a rubber/plastic cover for an adjuster.

1. The ShimaNO adjuster just spins the plastic/rubber cap without
turning the adjuster screw (i.e. no adjustment)
2. The adjusters rust to the mount in less than year (i.e. no
adjustment). The adjusters are cheap steel.
3. Florida sun rots the ShimaNO adjusters off the bike anyway.
4. Campy riders don't need to carry pliers to adjust cables.
5. Campy brakes allow the adjusters to slide out of the
caliper to make disassembly easy for travel. ShimaNO's are
captive making you remove the crimp cap and making a mess of
the cable end.

4. Front Ergo levers shift everything from my MTB 24-26-36 to my touring bike 30-42-52 because it can be shifted in fine steps. Don't even think about it with ShimaNO.

3. Campy sealed bottom brackets have easy to replace bearings. ShimaNO sealed units are not serviceable.

2. You can trim the front derailleur with the shifter. ShimaNO gives you no choice. You get an up shift or a down shift with not partial shift. The wider ShimaNO cage dumps the chain on the triple more often and it is a pain in the butt to set up on short chain stay bikes.

1. Campy uses metal hub seals instead of little plastic pieces of junk like ShimaNO. Record and Chorus hubs can be lubed without disassembly. Record gruppo can be fully lubricated without disassembly including:

1. Front and rear hub lube ports flush debris out the way it came in
ShimaNO pushes lube and debris into the bearings together.
2. Cassette pawls and carrier bearings have injection ports
3. Headset has upper and lower injection points (big feature to
preserving the life span)
4. Non sealed bearing bottom bracket (remove left crank bolt and
inject grease)

It is so obvious that Campy has the edge here.

Tim Laflin"

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