Photos of our 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa, refinished by Joe Bell and assembled here at Campy Only World Headquarters.  Click here for photos and stories from the restoration process.
cineili_front.jpg (457630 bytes)
Front view
cinelli_bars.jpg (492905 bytes)
Cinelli forks are nice and beefy
cinelli_cage.jpg (445566 bytes)
NOS TA clamp-on bottle cage.
cinelli_drivetrain.jpg (496438 bytes)
Nuovo Record drivetrain
cinelli_rear.jpg (484145 bytes)
Rear view. Wheels are built on original 1971/72 Phil Wood hubs
cinelli_side.jpg (471163 bytes)
Side view
IMG_0221_1000.jpg (584461 bytes)
6-10-06: First action shot aboard the Cinelli
IMG_0222_1000.jpg (653206 bytes)
On the road
IMG_0224_1000.jpg (562163 bytes)
Clamp-on shifters
IMG_0225_1000.jpg (344391 bytes)
Front and rear dropouts have braze-ons for fender mounting
Click here to see a 1970 Cinelli with factor fenders
IMG_0226_1000.jpg (328998 bytes)
Front and rear brakes have nutted mounts (not recessed allen mounting)
IMG_0227_1000.jpg (327747 bytes)
Extreme close-up of the downtube decal shows the gold metalflake outlining the letters
IMG_0228_1000.jpg (235310 bytes)
Campagnolo crest on the top tube cable clamps
IMG_0229_1000.jpg (337867 bytes)
Campagnolo head on the Silca frame-fit pump. Note the top-mounted cable guides brazed on the bottom bracket
IMG_0230_1000.jpg (342822 bytes)
Proper flat quick release skewers. Rear dropouts also have fender braze-ons.
IMG_0231_1000.jpg (347395 bytes)
Brakes show a few blemishes, but are original to the bike. We installed new Kool Stop pads
IMG_0232_1000.jpg (341909 bytes)
JB's pinstripe detail on the drive side chainstay. Note also the chainstay bridge, tapped for fender mounting.
IMG_0234_1000.jpg (334262 bytes)
Proper "Patent 72" rear derailleur
IMG_0235_1000.jpg (270005 bytes)
Original binder bolt (At least, it's the one that came with the frame and it loooks original. The center part has been machined away, as was done with Cinelli's binder bolts)
IMG_0233_1000.jpg (635297 bytes)
Another shot of the completed bike

Component details:

Cranks: Nuovo Record
Front derailleur: Nuovo Record clamp-on (proper pre-CPSC no-lip vintage)
Rear derailleur: Nuovo Record (Patent 72)
Brakes: Record (flat quick release levers)
Lever hoods: Dia Compe (we'll find some Campy hoods later)
Shift levers: Record clamp-on
Bottom bracket: Phil Wood
Hubs: Phil Wood (original 1971/72 production)
Rims: Sun CR-18 (not period correct, but they look very appropriate to the bike)
Quick release levers: Record straight levers
Bars/stem: Cinelli Campione del Mondo (not period correct,  but safer to ride than 70s-era bars)
Bottle cage: TA clamp-on (NOS)
Pump: Silca, with Campagnolo steel head
Seatpost: SR (non-Campy, but a very nice copy of a Nuovo Record post)
Saddle: Brooks B17 Champion Special
Headset: Nuovo Record steel
Tires: Continental 
All cables and housings: Campagnolo

Photos of another very nice 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa are online at We note at least one difference between that frame and ours--theirs lacks fender braze-ons on the dropouts.  We guess that since ours was a special order frame, that Frankie (the original owner) probably asked to have them installed.

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