March 4, 2007--Campy Only visited cycling Nirvana once again, at the 2007 edition of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.  Presented below, photos from the ride to the event and the show itself.

The ride there ...

IMG_2844_800.jpg (202323 bytes)
Snoozing on the 5:55 a.m. train
IMG_2845_800.jpg (175250 bytes)
Welcome to Richmond.
IMG_2846_800.jpg (178722 bytes) IMG_2847_800.jpg (153393 bytes)
More Richmond "No" signs.
IMG_2848_800.jpg (159173 bytes)
Peter Burnett at an eponymous signal
IMG_2849_800.jpg (128985 bytes)
Heading for Pacifica
IMG_2850_800.jpg (136778 bytes) IMG_2851_800.jpg (152795 bytes)
The long, long climb up Skyline Road

The Show ...

IMG_2852_800.jpg (148614 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris with Richard Sachs
IMG_2853_800.jpg (119435 bytes)
Framebuilder forum
IMG_2854_800.jpg (152240 bytes)
Classic Bruce Gordon tandem
IMG_2855_800.jpg (165161 bytes) IMG_2856_800.jpg (141467 bytes)
Got lugs? Wild lugs?
IMG_2857_800.jpg (172462 bytes)
Calfee brought this strange-looking carbon frame
IMG_2876_800.jpg (208728 bytes) IMG_2877_800.jpg (180835 bytes)
IMG_2858_800.jpg (202731 bytes)
Innerlight showed a number of beautiful steel frames, including this one.
IMG_2859_800.jpg (152554 bytes) IMG_2860_800.jpg (156571 bytes)
Tire holder
IMG_2861_800.jpg (113299 bytes) IMG_2862_800.jpg (131576 bytes) IMG_2863_800.jpg (155616 bytes)
Is this the Überbike?
IMG_2864_800.jpg (143583 bytes)
Lots of fixies at the show. This one had an interesting crankset
IMG_2865_800.jpg (111174 bytes)
Classic gum lever hoods
IMG_2866_800.jpg (151306 bytes) IMG_2867_800.jpg (115838 bytes)
Check out the hand-carved fork ends
IMG_2868_800.jpg (144478 bytes)
Contact info for the frame to the left
IMG_2869_800.jpg (159550 bytes)
Sycip's motor-assisted town bike
IMG_2870_800.jpg (148548 bytes) IMG_2871_800.jpg (150785 bytes)
Sacramento's Rex Cycles
IMG_2872_800.jpg (187337 bytes)
Lots of candy at the Richard Sachs booth
IMG_2873_800.jpg (213953 bytes) IMG_2875_800.jpg (111920 bytes)
Nice Joe Bell paint work
IMG_2878_800.jpg (171590 bytes)
Calfee's bamboo bikes looked almost tame next to their "spiderweb" frame
IMG_2879_800.jpg (139564 bytes)
Cow horn bars. Really.
IMG_2880_800.jpg (120749 bytes)
Nice rack
IMG_2881_800.jpg (120870 bytes)
Ahearn Cycles showed this one-off Sheldon Brown flask
IMG_2882_800.jpg (149824 bytes) IMG_2883_800.jpg (141600 bytes) IMG_2884_800.jpg (112002 bytes)
The Soulcraft Girl didn't have much to say
IMG_2885_800.jpg (132576 bytes) IMG_2886_800.jpg (125855 bytes) IMG_2887_800.jpg (173736 bytes)
Packing up
IMG_2888_800.jpg (156215 bytes) IMG_2889_800.jpg (116150 bytes)
Inventor Joel Evett was showing this dial shifting system
IMG_2896_800.jpg (106574 bytes)
Rotate the knob to shift gears
IMG_2891_800.jpg (102404 bytes) IMG_2892_800.jpg (104889 bytes)
Is this the ancestor of Ergo? Inventor Joel Evett said that Tullio Campagnolo saw it and dismissed it.
IMG_2893_800.jpg (94169 bytes) IMG_2890_800.jpg (98758 bytes)

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