mini-S7304210.JPG (113152 bytes)August 21-24, 2007--Campy Only's Eric Norris took part in the 16th Paris-Brest-Paris, covering the 1,225-kilometer course in 83:09 on a fixed gear (running 72 gear inches the entire ride).  Presented below, photos from the ride. More captions coming soon.

Updated 9-5-07--Check out this page at Fixed Gear Gallery, which features several shots of our fixed gear Quickbeam Scroll down to see our green bike.

Day One (Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

mini-S7304103.JPG (90890 bytes)
Riders gather inside the gymnasium to get their brevet cards signed and cards swiped
mini-S7304104.JPG (124568 bytes) mini-S7304105.JPG (101715 bytes)
The "Before" photo
mini-S7304106.JPG (117460 bytes)
Ken McClain and Peter Burnett
mini-S7304107.JPG (77542 bytes)
Our brevet card is signed for the first time
mini-S7304108.JPG (117966 bytes)
Waiting outside for the start
mini-S7304109.JPG (86029 bytes)
Ken, Peter, and Eric wait for the start
mini-S7304111.JPG (34396 bytes)
First ride shot!
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mini-S7304115.JPG (70011 bytes) mini-S7304116.JPG (71697 bytes) mini-S7304117.JPG (129544 bytes) mini-S7304118.JPG (122465 bytes) mini-S7304119.JPG (111784 bytes)
Paris-Brest pastries were yummy
mini-S7304120.JPG (99774 bytes)
mini-S7304121.JPG (124246 bytes)

First Control: Mortagne-

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Hand-painted welcome sign at Mortagne
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mini-S7304126.JPG (107632 bytes) mini-S7304127.JPG (96311 bytes) mini-S7304128.JPG (113086 bytes) mini-S7304129.JPG (95471 bytes) mini-S7304130.JPG (71797 bytes) mini-S7304131.JPG (138181 bytes)
It's still a long way to Brest!
mini-S7304132.JPG (112089 bytes) mini-S7304133.JPG (118557 bytes) mini-S7304134.JPG (125138 bytes)
Heading down yet another French village street

Second Control: Villaines-la-Juhel

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The control at Villaines was set up like a Tour de France stage finish.
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mini-S7304137.JPG (129643 bytes) mini-S7304138.JPG (172629 bytes) mini-S7304139.JPG (127364 bytes) mini-S7304140.JPG (116345 bytes) mini-S7304141.JPG (122062 bytes) mini-S7304142.JPG (98343 bytes)
mini-S7304143.JPG (111356 bytes) mini-S7304144.JPG (133175 bytes) mini-S7304145.JPG (88644 bytes) mini-S7304146.JPG (86846 bytes) mini-S7304147.JPG (77747 bytes) mini-S7304148.JPG (233806 bytes)
Picturesque toppled column.
mini-S7304149.JPG (139886 bytes)

Fourth Control: Tinteniac

mini-S7304150.JPG (81416 bytes)
Inside the "quick food" section at Tinteniac. I slept for 15 minutes on top of a stack of gym mats.
mini-S7304151.JPG (165386 bytes)
Two fixies ready to ride.
mini-S7304152.JPG (129692 bytes)
Food selection at Tinteniac.
mini-S7304153.JPG (103297 bytes)
Paul Guttenberg, looking a little tired
mini-S7304154.JPG (117538 bytes)
Creative translation: "crudites" becomes "crudeness of rice"
mini-S7304155.JPG (87557 bytes)
This family was up at 4 a.m. making free coffee and tea for us ... 
mini-S7304156.JPG (83636 bytes)
... They had a small kitchen set up in their garage.
mini-S7304157.JPG (45695 bytes) mini-S7304158.JPG (144829 bytes)
This bar/restaurant outside Loudeac offered the chance to sleep on a clean, dry floor out of the rain. We stopped here and slept for an hour.

Fifth Control: Loudeac

mini-S7304159.JPG (72612 bytes)
Trudging to the control to check in.
mini-S7304160.JPG (83489 bytes)
Nodding off.
mini-S7304161.JPG (56683 bytes)
As the Rocky Horror song goes, "Madness takes its toll..."
mini-S7304162.JPG (119701 bytes) mini-S7304163.JPG (74407 bytes)
Shower facilities in Loudeac.
mini-S7304164.JPG (162578 bytes)
Drop bags at Loudeac 
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Day Two (Wednesday, August 22, 2007)

mini-S7304167.JPG (135280 bytes) mini-S7304168.JPG (165001 bytes) mini-S7304169.JPG (120218 bytes)
mini-S7304170.JPG (82290 bytes) mini-S7304171.JPG (89058 bytes) mini-S7304172.JPG (81788 bytes) mini-S7304173.JPG (71228 bytes) mini-S7304174.JPG (84456 bytes) mini-S7304175.JPG (90365 bytes)
mini-S7304176.JPG (110858 bytes) mini-S7304177.JPG (93896 bytes)
The very striking bridge at Brest
mini-S7304178.JPG (136915 bytes) mini-S7304179.JPG (71339 bytes) mini-S7304180.JPG (83537 bytes) mini-S7304181.JPG (108862 bytes)
mini-S7304182.JPG (100492 bytes) mini-S7304183.JPG (105112 bytes) mini-S7304184.JPG (88704 bytes) mini-S7304185.JPG (100241 bytes)

Eighth Control: Carhaix-Plouger

mini-S7304186.JPG (90275 bytes)
Utterly exhausted at Carhaix, this rider came up with a creative sleep solution
mini-S7304187.JPG (60140 bytes)
More sleep solutions ... 
mini-S7304188.JPG (78902 bytes)
... and more.
mini-S7304189.JPG (125790 bytes)
Drink selection.
mini-S7304190.JPG (105554 bytes)
Bread and cutlery.
mini-S7304191.JPG (91346 bytes)
When you're tired, any place looks good for a rest. This rider picked a spot under a table.
mini-S7304192.JPG (82575 bytes)
This sausage stand--and the nearby tent that let us get in out of the rain--was a welcome stop. I ate a sausage sandwich and fries, washed down with a bowl of coffee.
mini-S7304193.JPG (81123 bytes)

Ninth Control: Loudeac

mini-S7304194.JPG (89188 bytes)
Cots and sleeping riders at Loudeac.
mini-S7304195.JPG (90982 bytes)
It was actually pretty quiet here, and a bit smelly. Everyone was starting to smell rank at this point.
mini-S7304196.JPG (172340 bytes) mini-S7304197.JPG (194857 bytes)
This way to Paris!
mini-S7304198.JPG (96361 bytes) mini-S7304199.JPG (69610 bytes)

Secret Control

mini-S7304200.JPG (118721 bytes) mini-S7304201.JPG (108905 bytes) mini-S7304202.JPG (165296 bytes)
mini-S7304203.JPG (131492 bytes) mini-S7304204.JPG (68451 bytes) mini-S7304205.JPG (54246 bytes) mini-S7304206.JPG (87776 bytes) mini-S7304207.JPG (63470 bytes) mini-S7304208.JPG (101437 bytes)
mini-S7304209.JPG (90055 bytes)
We stopped at a cafe in the wee hours. This rider asked for the coffee grounds used to make his espresso--he then ate them.
mini-S7304210.JPG (113152 bytes)
Classic PBP scene--face down asleep on the side of the road
mini-S7304211.JPG (70439 bytes)

Last Day: Friday, August 24

Last Control: Dreux

mini-S7304212.JPG (94438 bytes)
mini-S7304213.JPG (129700 bytes) mini-S7304214.JPG (148968 bytes)
The "After" photo, taken after 83 hours of riding with three hours' sleep. I felt much worse than I looked
p8260448.jpg (110553 bytes)
Post-ride photo: Washing our bike in the fountain at Saint Quentin. It was fun and helped get the rainy muck off.

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