July 21, 2007--We couldn't make it to the Pacific Northwest for the official 2007 Seattle to Portland ride, so we went up a week later and rode the course solo and unsupported on our fixed-gear Quickbeam.  We started a little south of the official start but still logged about 190 miles in under 14 hours despite riding into a southerly headwind all day long.

Presented below, photos from the ride.  Click here for GPS info.

S7303696_1024.jpg (227072 bytes)
Starting point in Kent, WA (a little south of Seattle)
S7303697_1024.jpg (109583 bytes)
Roads were wet for about the first 30 miles
S7303698_1024.jpg (343294 bytes)
Volcano evacutation route
S7303699_1024.jpg (134135 bytes)
First glimpse of the Cascades, off in the distance
S7303700_1024.jpg (214700 bytes) S7303701_1024.jpg (190218 bytes)
First glimpse of a shadow
S7303702_1024.jpg (157905 bytes) S7303703_1024.jpg (231779 bytes)
Lots of trees
S7303705_1024.jpg (295824 bytes) S7303706_1024.jpg (256425 bytes) S7303707_1024.jpg (223510 bytes) S7303708_1024.jpg (196775 bytes)
Tiny McKenna
S7303709_1024.jpg (226126 bytes)
Read this sign
S7303710_1024.jpg (276303 bytes)
Bike path south of McKenna
S7303711_1024.jpg (335000 bytes) S7303713_1024.jpg (356920 bytes) S7303714_1024.jpg (273909 bytes)
Nice view from the bike path
S7303715_1024.jpg (354537 bytes)
S7303716_1024.jpg (212170 bytes) S7303717_1024.jpg (319267 bytes)
Skookumchuck River
S7303718_1024.jpg (291704 bytes) S7303719_1024.jpg (243674 bytes)
Entering Centralia, the halfway point on the ride
S7303720_1024.jpg (237046 bytes)
Lunch stop in Centralia
S7303721_1024.jpg (194849 bytes)
S7303722_1024.jpg (283092 bytes)
Historic homes in Centralia
S7303723_1024.jpg (253880 bytes) S7303724_1024.jpg (148647 bytes) S7303725_1024.jpg (165800 bytes) S7303726_1024.jpg (150600 bytes)
Rolls of hay
S7303727_1024.jpg (212899 bytes)
S7303728_1024.jpg (227741 bytes)
S7303729_1024.jpg (168772 bytes)
Pile of brush left over from clearing this forest
S7303730_1024.jpg (172372 bytes) S7303731_1024.jpg (185477 bytes)
Lots of rollers
S7303732_1024.jpg (309220 bytes) S7303733_1024.jpg (191912 bytes)
Downtown Winlock
S7303734_1024.jpg (230412 bytes) S7303735_1024.jpg (197560 bytes)
Interesting stop sign
S7303736_1024.jpg (138247 bytes) S7303737_1024.jpg (198644 bytes)
World's largest egg, in Winlock, WA
S7303738_1024.jpg (338170 bytes)
Back road
S7303739_1024.jpg (332958 bytes)
S7303741_1024.jpg (195737 bytes)
Stopped at Starbucks before crossing the Columbia River--you can see our bike and the Lewis and Clark Bridge outside
S7303742_1024.jpg (129436 bytes) S7303743_1024.jpg (200764 bytes) S7303744_1024.jpg (207586 bytes)
Entering Oregon on the Lewis and Clark Bridge
S7303745_1024.jpg (108147 bytes)
Views of the mighty Columbia River
S7303746_1024.jpg (122318 bytes)
S7303747_1024.jpg (168466 bytes)
Looking back at the Lewis and Clark Bridge
S7303748_1024.jpg (305783 bytes)
Welcome to Oregon
S7303749_1024.jpg (202341 bytes) S7303750_1024.jpg (290711 bytes) S7303751_1024.jpg (151799 bytes)
Dari Delite, St Helens
S7303752_1024.jpg (207536 bytes)
Hi-School Pharmacy, for all your high school drug needs.
S7303753_1024.jpg (210506 bytes)
Almost there!
S7303754_1024.jpg (371134 bytes) S7303755_1024.jpg (149107 bytes)
First view of Portland, with Mt Hood in the background
Map of Seattle to Portland
Click on the image for detailed GPS info (ignore the part from Reno to Seattle--blame that on poor satellite signal)

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