June 23, 2007--We traveled to Quincy, California, to ride the 200-kilometer version of the Summer Solstice Century, a ride benefiting the California Forest Foundation. The 200K route featured some 12,000 feet of climbing, making it a popular stop for riders training for the upcoming Death Ride.  Presented below, photos before, during, and after the ride.
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Route Profile
Detailed GPS Info

We've included a few photos of the Ranchito Motel, a well-preserved 1940s-era establishment.  Check out the photos from 1948 and 1949--the motel still looks almost exactly the same.

DRIVING TO QUINCY mini-002.jpg (72257 bytes)
On Hwy 20
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Tunnel in the Feather Riiver canyon
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More tunnels
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At the Ranchino
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Interior looks like something out of Disneyland
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What were these shelves for?
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Rancho brands stamped into the sidewalk
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RIDE DAY PHOTOS mini-025.jpg (114496 bytes)
Ride start at the Plumas County fairgrounds
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Some of the early climbing
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Another rider climbs quickly
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Rest stop at Soper Wheeler, a forestry company
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Lunch stop
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Suspension bridge over Lake Oroville
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This rest stop had a generator-powered air conditioner! These riders are enjoying a cool breeze.
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Leaving rest stop 6 was a stretch of currently unpaved road
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Long climbs on the way to the last summit
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There were informative signs posted along the route touting the benefits of tree farming
mini-040.jpg (154567 bytes)
The route was very well marked
mini-041.jpg (117805 bytes)
No, not the top yet!
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mini-044.jpg (85537 bytes)
Gratuitous photo of the Campy Only Guy
mini-045.jpg (125167 bytes) waving.jpg (387604 bytes)
She kept waving at us
mini-047.jpg (182754 bytes)
Nice view near Bucks Lake
DRIVING HOME mini-048.jpg (125080 bytes)
Back in the Feather River canyon
mini-049.jpg (162836 bytes)
Wow--lots of project bikes here
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mini-053.jpg (178320 bytes) mini-054.jpg (153075 bytes)
A Schwinn American
mini-055.jpg (182775 bytes) mini-056.jpg (106921 bytes)
Bridges on the Hwy 70
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