February 16, 2008--This year's running of the Butterfield Double Century featured a revised course that was more-or-less out-and-back route from Irvine to Fallbrook.  The return leg of earlier years, which included a long slog through the grimy underside of Riverside County, was gone, although the traffic signals that prompted some riders to dub the ride the "Tour de Traffic Light" were still there.  We made dozens of stops at red lights.

The weather this year was great--warm temps and clear skies.  No problems with torrential rain this time!

This year, incidentally, will likely be the last time this ride will be run as the "Butterfield" double.  Originally named because part of the course followed the old Butterfield Stage route, the event no longer incorporates those roads and will be renamed next year.

Presented below, photos by Campy Only's Eric Norris.  

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