Image0374.jpg (130715 bytes)Photos from  the 2003 edition of the Davis Double Century.  This was a special ride for me, as it marked my 20th time around the DC course--and it's still as beautiful and enjoyable as ever!  The Davis Bike Club once again put on a fantastic ride--and thanks to whoever arranged for the great temperatures and tailwinds.  Photos by Eric Norris

Image0326.jpg (115564 bytes)
Pre-ride check-in
Image0327.jpg (64154 bytes)
This way to register
Image0328.jpg (66722 bytes)
Matt Kowta on the early flat stretches
Image0329.jpg (49095 bytes)
Morning skies over the Vaca Mountains
Image0330.jpg (131769 bytes)
Pee stop
Image0331.jpg (79140 bytes) Image0333.jpg (136289 bytes)
Larry Robinson and Steve. Steve is 80 years old, and was riding his 33rd Davis DC!
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Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris on the climb to Monticello Dam
Image0334.jpg (175102 bytes)
Rest stop 2 at Monticello Dam
Image0335.jpg (152451 bytes)
Jim Greenlee's sweet Pinarello Prince. Full Record, including carbon cranks
Image0336.jpg (179964 bytes)
Heading for RS 3
Image0337.jpg (223656 bytes)
Rest stop 3
Image0338.jpg (199943 bytes)
Rest stop 4 at the Pope Valley Grange Hall
Image0339.jpg (189530 bytes)
Another gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris, this time at RS 4
Image0340.jpg (182247 bytes)
The Hubcap Ranch
Image0341.jpg (85957 bytes)
Detert Reservoir
Image0342.jpg (181368 bytes)
Mike Crago Schneider and his daughter and friends at RS 5 in Middletown
Image0343.jpg (140519 bytes)
RS 6 at Big Canyon
Image0344.jpg (169290 bytes)
Heading for lunch
Image0345.jpg (180320 bytes)
Lunch at Clearlake High School--we outran the crowds this year
Image0346.jpg (190647 bytes)
Lunch shot
Image0347.jpg (179269 bytes)
Beth Annon, owner of B and L Bike Shop was on hand to provide mechanical support
Image0348.jpg (110725 bytes)
Heading for Resurrection, the last major climb
Image0349.jpg (108526 bytes)
Resurrection Grade
Image0350.jpg (111460 bytes)
The Oasis--a welcome sight just before the summit of Resurrection
Click for video
We shot this video as we arrived at the Resurrection rest stop. (Requires Windows Media Player)
Click here for video
Image0351.jpg (139218 bytes)
Rest stop at Resurrection
Image0352.jpg (157231 bytes)
Rest stop in Guinda
Image0353.jpg (127714 bytes)
First to the last rest stop--note the wind-driven streamers
!Image0354.jpg (99677 bytes)
Long, flat roads of Yolo County
Image0356.jpg (131480 bytes)
Davis City Limits sign
Image0358.jpg (165970 bytes)
Bikes resting at the finish

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