November 28, 2002--Thanksgiving day was devoted to staying home, waiting for turkey dinner . . . and building the Sachs.  Here are a few photos of various steps in the process:

Ready for building

Wheels and cranks go on first

Standard Record crankset (carbon is too expensive for us, and we like the traditional look of the alloy crankset)

Bars go on next--we put the levers on the bars the night before

Seatpost is inserted.  Notice the genuine Campagnolo binder bolt.

Rear brake . . .

. . . front brake

Record rear derailluer and 12-23 Ultradrive cassette

Front derailleur.

First half of the taping job done--note the official RS bar tape.  Campy Only hint--we use a Dremel tool to cut the cable housings.  You get a nice, clean, square end on the housings, and they don't get squashed by the cutters.

All done! The seatpost is topped with a Richard Sachs special edition saddle from Selle San Marco--call Richard to order yours: (860) 526-2059

Ready for the first ride!  Total building time, about 4 hours.
A note about the color of the frame . . .
Take this baby into the sunlight, and red just explodes--this is the brightest red we have ever seen.  Part of the secret may be that the red is slightly transparent, and the light is reflecting off a deeper layer of white.  Whatever the reason, it's hard to show in a photo just how gorgeous the paint by Joe Bell really is.

After eight long months of waiting, we're on the road!  Yeah!

Coming Soon:
Exclusive photos by Joe Bell of the frame being painted!

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