January 23, 2003--At long last . . . photos of the completely built Campy Only Sachs!  Click on any image for a larger version.  Click here for specs

Dscn1674_800.jpg (167770 bytes)
The Campy Only Sachs
Dscn1675_800.jpg (200021 bytes) Dscn1676_800.jpg (193257 bytes)
Front view
Dscn1677_800.jpg (166143 bytes)
Front view detail. We had to modify the mount on the Sigma computer to fit on the oversized bars.
Dscn1678_800.jpg (174969 bytes)
Dscn1679_800.jpg (91976 bytes) Dscn1680_800.jpg (91763 bytes)
Brake bridge and the back side of our Record "differential" (side pull) rear brake.
Dscn1681_800.jpg (82251 bytes)
Painted cutout on the derailleur hanger is barely visible
Dscn1682_800.jpg (79319 bytes)
Check the inside of the fork blades--more cutouts and color
Dscn1683_800.jpg (111979 bytes)
Deda Newton bar and stem
Dscn1684_800.jpg (103979 bytes)
Official Sachs-model seat by Selle Royale
Dscn1685_800.jpg (94352 bytes)
Seat bag features the flags of the USA and Italy
Dscn1686_800.jpg (83305 bytes)
Wheels by a local builder feature retro-flavored tying and soldering
Dscn1687_800.jpg (82973 bytes)
The guy behind you is left with no doubt and the bike you're on.
Dscn1688_800.jpg (45320 bytes)
Cable stops on the head tube are much cleaner than down tube mounting.
Dscn1689_800.jpg (66074 bytes)
Masking runs exactly down the middle of the lug's edge. Amazing.
Dscn1690_800.jpg (97939 bytes)
Official Richard Sachs bar tape!
Dscn1691_800.jpg (58870 bytes)
Carbon cap on the threadless Record headset.
Dscn1692_800.jpg (58700 bytes)
Seat cluster includes a Campagnolo binder bolt, of course.
Dscn1693_800.jpg (48022 bytes)
Sach's tribute to his home town.
Lots of Cool Bikes in the Retro Gallery and Mod Gallery


Dscn1694_800.jpg (65320 bytes)
Paint by Joe Bell
Dscn1695_800.jpg (74179 bytes)
JB put this retro Campy decal on for us.
Dscn1696_800.jpg (122491 bytes)
Sachs dropouts get highlight treatment from Joe Bell.

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Joe Bell


Cranks: Record Alloy, 53/39, 175mm arms
Bottom bracket: Record
Front Der: Record
Rear Der: Record carbon, 9-speed
Brakes: Record differential
Levers: Record carbon, 9-speed
Cables: Campagnolo
Headset: Record threadless
Seatpost: Chorus titanium
Seat: Selle San Marco "Due," in Richard Sachs colors  Available from Richard Sachs: (860) 526-2059
Bar/Stem: Deda Newton, wrapped with Richard Sachs logo tape Tape available from Richard Sachs: (860) 526-2059
Hubs: Record
Rims: Mavic Open Pro, laced 1x front, 3x/2x rear.  Drive side spokes on rear wheel tied and soldered
Cages: Elite stainless steel
Computer: Sigma Sport BC-1400 wireless

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