Click to visit Joe Bell's web siteOne of the prizes in Campy Only's 1,000,000th Visitor Contest was reader Barry Collins.  Barry won a Joe Bell paint job, which turned out to be one of JB's more interesting assignments.

Barry rides and loves his Campy-equipped Cannondale, but he wanted to know if JB could give it the "look" of a lugged steel frame.  JB responded with a classic British-themed paint job that replicates traditional lugwork.  Here's what Barry had to say about the paint:

"You can't see it very well in any pictures but the paint looks wet and is every bit as good as any competition quality paint job one may see at an auto show.  The whole paint job is smooth to the touch and even the pin striping was taped off during painting and filled in later for a totally even paint job.  Excluding the clear coat, and trust me there is a very nice clear coat, there is no paint overlapping any other paint on this bike.  The attention to detail and quality of the paint almost made it a crime to ride, but then how would anyone know what an awesome bike I had?"

"Simply put Joe Bell works his ass off for you.  Even though I was not paying for this paint job Joe worked with me to find what kind of colors I liked and what I might like to use as accents and pin striping.  He didnít even laugh at me when I mentioned the idea of a classic British paint job on a Cannondale."

And now, the bike:

jb-con1.jpg (75293 bytes) jb-con2.jpg (63124 bytes) jb-con3.jpg (57096 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (40862 bytes)

To learn more about Joe Bell's paint jobs:

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