Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing

Two-Wheeled Art
Why would Richard Sachs send his frames all the way across the country to be painted by JP Professional Bicycle Refinishing? If you've ever seen a Sachs frame, you know that Richard is a singular perfectionist. He's found Joe Bell to be of a similar mindset. For 20 years, Joe and the staff at JB have been turning frames into rolling masterpieces.

"An absolutely stunning piece of art ... I am thrilled every time I look at it. I've received more comments about the paint job than I can remember."

Is It Worth it?
Frankly, you might be stunned by how much the flame job above cost. But then again, if you could see the bike in person, you'd be equally astounded by the utterly incredible finish.  You'd run your fingers over the color breaks and the decal, and be amazed at how smooth they are. Even blindfolded, you couldn't detect so much as a ripple. And the gloss--so shiny, you'd swear it was still wet.

Does any bike deserve to be this beautiful? If, like the rider who asked for the flames, you have your "bike of a lifetime," remember that there's more to the ultimate frame than just light tubing and good torch work.

Does it make sense to spend this much money on a pait job? Maybe. A bike's finish should do more than just keep the tubes from corroding. A custom bike is a reflection of its rider, and the finish should be, too.

"I was speechless.  The paint job goes well beyond what I'd expected. I was expecting a nice paint job, but not a masterpiece. You are an outstanding example for your art."

More For Less
But don't get the idea that all we do is flames and zebra stripes. If your favorite old frame just needs sprucing up, we'll give it the same careful attention as our more complex jobs. We welcome even single-color jobs, and the cost is lower than you might imagine.  Click here for our price list

The Wet Look
The process involved in a JB finish is incredibly time-consuming. First, the frame is lightly bead-blasted to enhance primer adhesion. Then a highly corrosion-resistant zinc chromate epoxy primer is applied, and the entire frame is carefully hand-sanded. Custom paint is applied in two to three layers, and then the decals are affixed. The frame now receives two coats of clear with an additional four coats of clear over the decals. Again, the entire frame is hand-sanded, leaving a perfectly smooth surface that allows the final clear coats to flow out in a mirror-like finish.

A JB finish reflects maximum gloss, color and depth. Lug edges are crisp and defined, while even finely detailed decals remain vivid and sharp, yet imperceptible to the touch.

Taking the Time
Can we turn your order around by next week? In a word: no. We take great pride in doing the best job possible, and that means that we take the time to listen to you, and can do virtually anything to ensure you get exactly the look you want.

(We don't mean to be evasive about delivery time, but neither do we want to make promises we can't keep.)

Not Just Paint
If your frame needs more than just a cosmetic makeover, we can also perform whatever modifications or repairs you request. We share our shop with custom framebuilder Bill Holland, and we can handle anything from water bosses, to rechroming, all the way up to complete tube replacement.

Give Us a Ring
If it's time to give your old ride a new look, or you want your new frame to look even better, call JB at Holland Cycles.



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