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Colors Available

Our Signature Finish provides you with the finest work available. It begins with chemical stripping of the old finish and low pressure powder blasting to remove rust and paint residue. The frame is then carefully inspected for defects or cracks before epoxy chromate primer is applied. Extra time is spent repairing dents, rust and other surface imperfections. After re-priming and careful hand sanding, polyurethane enamel color coats are applied, decals installed (if desired) and clear coats generously laid on with additional coats over decal areas. After curing in an oven, a careful hand sanding yields a perfect surface with decals smooth to the touch. This surface allows the final clear coats to flow out for the ultimate in depth and gloss. The frame is re-cured in the oven to ensure maximum durability and toughness before final inspection. Any DuPont Imron color is available or choose from the paint options below.


Custom Mixed Colors Pearls $200

Click here to see a candy-colored Richard Sachs painted by JB

Candies or Flamboyants $200
Fades Two color fade $200

gallery7.jpg (75956 bytes)

Each additional color $100
Contrasting Painting Head Tube $100

Click here to see examples of contrasting head and seat tubes

Seat Tube, entire $100
Fork Crown $100
Head Lugs, both $200
Lug Lining

Will Farrington's DeRosa, remade in "rad red" Check out the lug pinstriping

Choose any color $250
Decal Sets Price includes installation. Sold with repaint only.



Chas Dye's Calfee

Put your name on your frame (per letter) $3
Painted Pump  (JB supplies the pump) Silca: $75
Zefal XP: $95
Head Badge Clean, seal, and reinstall $50
Touch-up paint   $20


Mask Your Existing Chrome Rear Dropout Faces and Right Chainstay $60
  Rear Dropout Faces $40
  Front Dropout Faces $25
  Head Lugs (Nervex and other hand-cut lugs extra) $100
  Front derailleur hanger $25
  Fork crown $60
  Seat lug $75
  Complete rear stays and dropouts $75
New Chrome Front Dropout Faces $200

Click here to see a chromed fork crown

Fork Crown and front dropout faces $350

Complete fork $350

Rear Dropout Faces $250

Rear Dropout Faces and Right Chainstay $400

Rear dropouts and both chainstays $450

Head lugs (both) $400

Seat lug $200

Front derailleur hanger $75

Complete rear stays and rear dropouts $500
Braze-Ons Most Braze-Ons (per pair) $25-75

Dscn1684_800_cropped.jpg (16264 bytes)
Click on the photo to see an example of an installed jet vent

Jet Vent (stainless steel internal brake guide in top tube)
Frame Repair Rear Dropout Replacement (each) $250

Main Tube Replacement (includes alignment) $300

Precision Frame Alignment (includes BB facing) $75

Precision Fork Alignment $40
Many other frame repair services are available. For a complete list with prices, download our Frame Repair Order Form

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