Vicenza, 11 January 2008 - The 2008 Spring Summer collection marks a fundamental milestone for Campagnolo clothing, a decisive leap forward that springs from coming of age in the field of cycling apparel. The years that have just passed have helped to prepare for this moment. Campagnolo has refined the sizes of the garments and the choice of fabrics. Now that these indispensable elements are finally up to the standards of the Campagnolo name the moment has arrived to underline the brand’s Italian origins, and highlight the unmistakeable Italian style that has set and continues to set the benchmarks for the fashion world. The design, the attention to detail, the colour choices: every detail of a garment must communicate the spirit of the person wearing it. The athlete, the pragmatist, the fashionist, the fan will all find their ideal outfit in the Campagnolo SS 2008 collection

“It’s always a perfect day” indicates the two spirits that inspire this collection: technology and style.
Technology: it’s thanks to this that we can cycle in any weather conditions. Torrid heat, driving rain, humidity, wind … nothing can stop us. It is always the perfect day for cycling if we have the right clothing.
Style: the variety of spirits in this collection is so vast that everyone can find the ideal garment to wear, everyday, as no one has just one spirit. A great many spirits live together in the same person and one of these prevails over the others with each day that passes. The day you are dominated by a spirit of competition is the day to choose the Racing line in which every detail exudes determination, challenge, victory. Do you want to pedal and show off in front of other cyclists and narcissistically admire your reflection in the shop windows? There’s the Heritage line for that. Do you want to communicate your love of the Campagnolo brand? Then choose Factory Team in which the Campagnolo brand literally embraces us. If on the other hand you feel pragmatic and technological, a Raytech garment is unquestionably the choice to make, perhaps in combination with the very latest iPhone.

Campagnolo has decided to create a truly dedicated women’s line, W’s, for the 2008 Spring Summer collection. Because today’s woman does want comfortable clothing when cycling, but she also wants to feel like a woman. She wants to look at herself and feel good about it. She wants to be part of the group and stand out from it at the same time.
The Campagnolo W’s line is a total symbiosis of style and performance. Garments that exalt femininity both during the most demanding rides and during indoor activities. A completely feminine way to interpret a passion for cycling.

RACING™ - For those who love to take part. But would prefer to win.
Details with artistic design. Body-hugging ergonomic fit that supports all your movements. Ongoing studies and research to guarantee top performance in the toughest competitions.
RACING™ W. - For women who race. In the real sense of the word.
Technologically innovative fabrics and treatments. Tailor-made to fit the female body. High-performance technology.
RAYTECH™ - For those who love to go beyond their personal limits. And look good doing it.
The passion of those who cycle and those who study, design and produce garments that are a true technological concentrate of innovation, functionality and design.

FACTORY TEAM™ - To make you feel part of the Campagnolo racing team. Proud to be one of us.
Comfort, performance and safety - wherever and whenever. Simple-concept garments, yet studied right down to the smallest detail, for complete freedom of movement.

HERITAGE™ - For those who want to pedal into history of cycling, and perhaps become a part of it.
The flavour of epic cycling interpreted through new-generation materials: technology and history join forces to give new expression to the spirit of the Campagnolo legend.

W’s™ - A perfect look always. With style
Complete symbiosis between style and performance: garments that enhance femininity, on the toughest of rides or for indoor activity.

TGS™ Accessories and extras designed to ensure performance, protection and comfort whatever the conditions.

MSS™ Applied research to guarantee that your body stays dry even in the most extreme situations. Excellent breathability and constant optimum body temperature are the basic qualities of the Campagnolo underwear collection.

Publish Date: 01/11/2008

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