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  • March 16, 2009--We've been working to fix some problems with Campy Only and our Bulletin Board, and we think we have them all covered.  Please email us if you think you've run into a problem on the site.

  • February 18, 2009--Lots of cool posts over at the Campy Only Blog, including videos from Stage One of the Tour of California.  It was too rainy for "official" coverage, so our videos are your only chance to see Mancebo and Armstrong cresting the first KOM summit.  Check it out.

  • February 7, 2009--We've launched the official Campy Only Blog, a place where we'll be posting even more info and commentary about everything Campagnolo.  The address: 

  • launch.jpg (20367 bytes)February 3, 2009--Campagnolo's new official web site devoted to its 11-speed gruppos is called ..., a name that reminds us a lot of ... what is it?  Oh!  Campy Only!

  • January 29, 2009--Campagnolo has signed on as a sponsor of Wheels North, an upcoming fundraising ride from Santa Rosa, CA, to Seattle, WA.  More information on Wheels North is here.  While you're checking out the Wheels North web site, click on the Fundraising link and join Campagnolo in support the ride and its benefitting charity.  Search for "Eric Norris" at the donation page.

  • January 29, 2009--Campagnolo has reduced prices for components and wheels by 10%. No, this is not an economic stimulus aimed at high-end cyclists--the drop is prices is due to an improved exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Euro.  More info here.  

  • January 10, 2009--Campy Only's Eric Norris (riding our Campy-equipped 1972 Cinelli Special Corsa) shared the road with several Italian supercars today.  YouTube Video (or click here to see it in HiDef).  Supercars show up at about 2:30 in ...

  • campagnolo_tattoo_light.jpg (89056 bytes)December 18, 2008--Campy tattoo wearer Sean Light has some new Campy-themed ink.  Check it out.  More Campy tattoos here.

  • Toy_drive_026.jpg (2433519 bytes)December 17, 2008--Campagnolo North America sent us some photos from their December 13 Toy Ride.  Click here to see them.

  • December 8, 2008--Our Bulletin Board is up and running again. Thanks for your patience while we tracked down some malicious code that prevented readers from viewing topics.

  • December 7, 2008--We're fixing problems with Campy Only!  Please bear with us.  

  • November 17, 2008--One of our readers chimed in with his own take on the Ultra Torque bearing system:
    Just read the rouge mechanic story on the ultra+torque crank. I am a mechanic and have installed not a few of them. My opinion is if you are going to build a bad design, Campy did it best. Of all the current outboard bearing designs, I have had the least problems with Campy's.  His analysis is somewhat flawed. My guess is his BB shells are not square to each other. This will cause the left bearing to wobble in the cups to compensate for the miss alignment. This will develop into a creaking or clicking sound as the bearing wears inside the cups. A common problem with many of the production frames out there. It is recommended that you face the BB for all brands to assure correct alignment. I have had the most problems with FSA. There is very little to no adjustment for variable BB width, you just compress the bearings until there is no play and hope the bearings last or the arm doesn't work itself off. The pinch bolt design used by Shimano also has problems with working itself loose and still has the same drag problems with the BB bearings. With Campy, the bearings are allowed to float a bit to absorb the torque and spin more freely. A bit of play is much better than a lot of drag the other systems offer. Also, the clip on the drive side fixes the position of the right crank to stay in alignment with the front derailleur even if the arms come loose, not so with other designs. Just my experience with BB/cranks. Me, I use tried and true Square taper cranks and keep up just fine! The only people who complain about the flex are those behind me!

  • November 13, 2008--Campagnolo North American will be spreading some holiday cheer this year, hosting a first-ever Toy Drive and Christmas Bike Ride on Saturday, December 13.  Here's the official scoop from Campagnolo North America president Tom Kattus:
    "Wanted to alert all of you to mark your calendars for Saturday December 13, 2008 at 8:00am; this will be the kickoff of our first annual Toy Drive and Christmas Bike Ride. The ride will leave from the Campagnolo offices here in Carlsbad at around 10:00am and we will head out for a nice ride on the coast; approximately 30 miles. We will have some breakfast food and drink to fuel you for the ride. We are asking everyone to bring a new unwrapped toy for children infant to 17 yrs of age. The toys will be donated to Children’s Hospital of SD and Voices for Children- SD Chapter; these are two very deserving charities. Please pass this email along to anyone you think would be interested in joining us…"
    Campy Only fans, consider yourselves invited.  By the way, Campagnolo North America is located at 5431 Avenida Encinas, Suite C, Carlsbad, CA. 92008.  Here's a map: View Larger Map

  • November 11, 2008--Paper or Plastic? Innertube or Tubeless?  Campagnolo is making at least one of these choices easier.  Their new "2-Way Fit" rims, which are (no pun intended) rolling out soon, allow the use of standard clinchers and Hutchinson's tubeless clinchers. Read more and see photos of the new rims here

  • November 9, 2008--And here's Jeffery Rumbold, in a shot taken while he was on patrol in Afghanistan last month.  Campy Only wishes Jeffrey and all of our men and women in arms a safe and speedy return.
    DSC01799.JPG (148915 bytes)

  • November 7, 2008--You never know where you'll find a Campy fan!  Today's case in point: US Navy Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Rumbold, currently stationed with the US Army in Afghanistan.  Jeffrey took his Dremel tools with him and, in his off hours, engages in his hobby of recreating "drillium" parts from the 1980s.  Here are photos of his work, which is often available on eBay.  (Look for his seller id: colnagomanwa
    ebay pic 2.jpg (157629 bytes) dsc01436.jpg (918762 bytes)

  • dscn0841.jpg (179743 bytes)October 25, 2008--We opened our review copy of "Campagnolo: 75 Years of Cycling Passion" and found on page 136 ... Us!  Campy Only is prominently featured as an example of the devotion of its fans.  Campy Only thanks Campagnolo for this recognition.  Click here for another view of the book.

  • goes_to_11.jpg (14809 bytes)October 1, 2008--On the subject of "It Goes to Eleven" is a new reason why Campagnolo introduced several 11-speed systems this year.  Speaking to the Tucson Citizen, Campagnolo spokesman Brian Sarmiento said that the key reason is faster shifting, not more gears.  Pro races, he pointed out, are sometimes won by milliseconds, so the reduced cog spacing and resulting faster shifts could mean the difference between winning and losing.  Campy Only isn't quite sure how this translates into the real world, where most of us are more likely to try to be the first at the coffee shop for the Saturday morning ride ...

  • September 25, 2008--If you've read our pages, you'll know that we're big fans of Richard Sach's frames (we are fortunate to own one).  Now you have a chance to get your own Sachs.  100 raffle chances are on sale for a custom made Sachs.  Click here for more info and to buy raffle chances online.  Proceeds benefit the Histiocytosis Association of American and Wheels North

  • September 25, 2008--A reader sent us these photos of a very special 75th Anniversary Campagnolo jersey.  Rumors are that only 75 of these have been produced, each in a special, numbered wooden case.  Sorry, but our reader tells us these are intended for industry insiders only ...
    75th_jersey_5.jpg (1512344 bytes) 75th_jersey_1.jpg (1511879 bytes) 75th_jersey_2.jpg (1481763 bytes) 75th_jersey_3.jpg (1321448 bytes) 75th_jersey_4.jpg (1323012 bytes)

  • September 23, 2008--Campagnolo is releasing a "lavish" book documenting the company's history to coincide with their 75th Anniversary.  The hardcover book, with color and black-and-white illustrations, will be 160 pages long, and will include "archival material from the Campagnolo family and Campagnolo company that has never been previously published."  Watch for it on sale at Click here to read the official press release.
    Campy Only notes that the last "official" book on Campagnolo history, "The Giant and the File," was never released for wide distribution, and remains mostly in the hands of collectors.  Printed in the 1980s after the death of Tullio Campagnolo, it was (we are told) not liked by Valentino Campagnolo.

  • September 23, 2008--The Rogue Mechanic has posted a lengthy but well-documented blog on what he sees as a "problem" with the new Ultra Torque system.  Specifically, RM asks the same question we have posed to ourselves--how does Ultra Torque adjust to varying bottom bracket widths, given that there's nothing to adjust in the UT bottom bracket (basically, you assemble it and tighten it down)?  Check out Rogue's post and email us with your thoughts.  (For the record, we haven't had any problems with our Ultra Torque crankset.)

  • 2009_Campagnolo.jpg (42970 bytes)September 3, 2008--We have a copy of the information Campagnolo is sending to all of their dealers, with full technical details on the entire 2009 lineup.  67 pages of information (and a 3-meg PDF download). Enjoy.  Thanks to an anonymous reader for forwarding this file to us!

  • August 8, 2008--ShimaNO continues to work on their version of electronic shifting. Read about it here: 

  • July 6, 2008--VeloNews reports that seven riders were signed up to ride with 11-speed gruppos in the Tour de France.  All but one (Robbie McEwen) started with 11-speed bikes.  More info here: 
    VeloNews points out the obvious dilemma that 11-speed riders would face: No 11-speed wheels available from neutral support.
    For the official Campagnolo press release on 11-speed in the Tour, click here

  • July 2, 2008--The official Campagnolo web site was updated today with a link to info on the 11-speed gruppo.  See it at 

  • July 1, 2008--The folks over at have a nice article on the features of the 2009 Record and Chorus gruppos:  Click here

  • June 22, 2008--What's up with ErgoBrain?  Close inspection of the new "Super Record" Ergo lever hoods seems to show that the buttons to operate Campagnolo's integrated computer aren't there, which leads us to believe the ErgoBrain can't count to 11.  We'll know for sure when the new catalog hits the streets.

  • June 20, 2009--Here's a photo of the inside of the hall (shown in the photo in our June 18 entry) at the unveiling of the 2009 lineup.  Visible in the front row are Valentino Campagnolo, Eddy Merckx, and Miguel Indurain.campy_presentation.jpg (577674 bytes)

  • June 19, 2008--Reader Henri Karam Cruz has created a YouTube video from images of the new 2009 gruppos!  Check it out at: 

  • June 18, 2008--Thanks to our readers, we've been flooded with info on the new 2009 gruppos.  Here are photos, news, and links. Among the tidbits of info for 2009: 
    Good News: Three 11-speed gruppos: Chorus, Record and Super Record. (Two gruppos--Centaur and Veloce--will come in 10-speed)
    Ceramic bearings in Record and Super Record
    Shamal wheels will feature a "2-way fit," allowing the use of tubeless and clincher tires on the same rims
    11 speed come with a  4-year warranty
    Bad News: Campagnolo is dumbing down Record and Chorus rather than making Super Record a super version of 2008 Record.  The Record rear mech has lost its Ti bolts; the Chorus brakes have lost their hidden pivot design and their bearings
    Photos (left to right): "Raising the Level" banners; Record ergo lever, Chorus ergo lever, 11-speed cassette; Record crankset, Record 11-speed rear derailleur.
    dsc_0135.jpg (513924 bytes) sr_ergopower_l_02.jpg (451700 bytes) ch_ergopower_r.jpg (457349 bytes) sr_cassette.jpg (703424 bytes) sr_crankset.jpg (1507632 bytes) sr_rearder_02.jpg (528249 bytes)

  • June 11, 2008--wpe24.jpg (54272 bytes) ... and still more news about the new levers, this time here:
    The article cites a Bianchi catalog with bikes outfitted with the new stuff.

  • June 11, reports that the 2009 gruppos will include a new, more "curvaceous" design for the Ergo levers: 
    Check out the page above for photos ... and note that we reported on the new Ergo shape back in May ...

  • May 25, 2008--First rumors about 2009:
    --"Super Record" will return as an 11-speed gruppo.  A narrower chain will let the system work with existing wheels.  In addition to shifting on an 11-speed cassette, the Ergo levers will look different from current models.  Look for limited availability in September, with more stock coming in October.
    --Some wheels will be updated with ceramic bearings and tubular rims
    --Some new gruppos may be added (the first in several years)
    --Electronic shifting continues to be refined, but don't look for it in your bike shop next year.
    Email us if you have any info to add!

  • April 24, 2008--Just under two months after the departure of Richard Storino, Campagnolo North America has a new General Manager: Tom KattusClick here to read Campagnolo's official press release.
    So ... who is Tom Kattus?  A Google search turns up a few links, among them this one, which apparently shows his previous employer, a San Diego-area clothing manaufacturer.  You can also see how he did in a 2004 triathlon.  Mr. Kattus also worked previously for Cannondale.
    We here at Campy Only also note this comment from the folks at
    "Did the Italian component icon intend to project a more helpful and friendly corporate face when it chose its new U.S. General Manager? Campagnolo NA's president, Angelo Caccia, specifically cited Kattus' "reputation in the industry, and his excellent attitude, demeanor and integrity." So, perhaps it did.
    What will this mean for Campagnolo's penetration in triathlon? Campy can't have postured itself worse in multisport than it has over the past two decades, at least in North America. Kattus ties to multisport, and his easy demeanor, at least allow for a door into triathlon through which Campy might enter. But with SRAM's powerful set of multisport-friendly component options and robust stable of pro triathletes, as well as Shimano's established hegemony in this sport, Kattus will have his work cut out for him."
    Slowtwitch also notes that Campagnolo has, "a reputation in the U.S. for making exceptional products, backed by a less-helpful approach to issues like delivery, warranty, and ease of use by OEMs."
    So why are we using precious bandwidth to make note of Slowtwitch's comments? First of all, because in our opinion they are right on. And, because we were castigated recently by an acquaintance of Mr. Storino's who felt that when Campy Only said the same things about the former General Manager that we were unfair and wrong. Maybe we weren't--at least we're not the only ones who see room for improvement in Campagnolo's North American operations.
    Open note to Tom Kattus:  We'd love to talk.  Send us an email and let's exchange phone numbers.

  • April 23, 2008--New photos of the coming Record Electronic gruppo, this time captured at a race by a Danish web site. Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader for sending these to us.
    electronic_1.jpg (31260 bytes) electronic_2.jpg (28873 bytes) electronic_3.jpg (32122 bytes) electronic_4.jpg (8106 bytes)

  • wpe1.jpg (17061 bytes)April 16, 2008--Quick bit of Campy-related trivia ... Did you know that film actress Amy Adams (currently appearing in "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day") was born in Vicenza?  Now you do. More about Amy: 

  • sachsdvd.jpg (12207 bytes)April 13, 2008--Richard Sachs is now the subject of a documentary.  "Imperfection is Perfection" follows Richard as we works in his shop, and explores the mind of the legendary craftsman as he creates industrial art.  Read about it and order it here: See a sample here: 

  • oct16.jpg (16092 bytes)April 13, 2004--Read more about the continuing saga of Tim Brockett (the founder of Branford Bike) as he rebuilds after the devastating fire that claimed his home and business in Montana: 

  • March 24, 2008--Looks like Campagnolo heard from fans (like us) who asked why it was only the pros who would get to use their new "Red" gruppo (see our December rumor).  The Red gruppo features stronger springs that make the levers feel more like they used to before Campagnolo started weakening the springs for a "lighter" action.  We have heard from fans who complain that the new, weaker springs also wear out faster ...  Kudos to Campagnolo for bringing back the stronger springs in a limited edition of gruppos for consumers (remember "New Coke"?)

  • March 24, 2008--Your local bike shop's ability to stock Campagnolo just got easier. Bicycle Technologies International, a major wholesaler of bicycling-related equipment, has added Campagnolo to its product lineup.  Check it out at ... but don't expect to see prices, since they don't sell retail to the public.

  • wheels_north_shirt.jpg (22246 bytes)March 7, 2009--Our 2009 project, "Wheels North," will soon be available as a T-Shirt.  Check back at the Wheels North web site for ordering info.  Proceeds from the sale of shirts will benefit the Histiocytosis Association of America.

  • February 28, 2008--Industry sources report that Richard Storino, longtime head of Campagnolo's USA operation, has left the company.  Storino had worked for Campagnolo for 23 years, rising to the position of General Manager of Campagnlo North America.  Storino's position is being filled on an interim basis by Giada Casarotto, who is also in charge of Campagnolo's Fulcrum brand.  

  • campagnolo_75_teams.jpg (6014 bytes)January 17, 2008--Lest we forget: 2008 is the 75th Anniversary of the founding of Campagnolo in 1933!

  • January 17, 2008--Campagnolo has announced that it will sponsor seven Pro-Tour and nine continental teams. From the company's official press release:
    "In the 2008 season Campagnolo will still be the technical sponsor of the World Champion, Paolo Bettini, and of his Quick-Step team-mates as well as of other titles Pro-Tour teams: Bouygues Telecom, Caisse d’Epargne, Cofidis, Lampre-Fondital, Liquigas and Predictor Lotto.

    Campagnolo will also supply material to nine Continental teams: Acqua & Sapone, Aisan Racing Team, BMC USA, G.S. CSF Group Navigare, G.S. Tinkoff, Jelly Belly, LPR, Nippo, and Topsport-Vlaanderen.
    Campagnolo will provide Record gruppos to all of these teams.  The company will also provide wheels to three teams: ouygues Telecom, Caisse d’Epargne and Predictor-Lotto.  Read more here

  • campagnolo_spring_2008.jpg (35366 bytes)January 17, 2008--Here we go again, with another effort by Campagnolo to inject life into their (as we see it) moribund clothing line.  An official press release from Campagnolo talks up their new "It's always a perfect day" slogan, touting the ability of their clothing to make any day acceptable for riding.  (Side note: The new slogan reminds us a lot of "It's always a good day for a ride," a line frequently used in the online TV series "The Bicyclist".  Check out the first couple of episodes to hear it.)  Among the new initiatives Campagnolo is trying out are a special line of women's clothing and a "Factory Team" line that will use the company's logo more prominently than they have in the past. (Side note #2: There used to be plenty of companies out there making clothes that helped us '... feel part of the Campagnolo racing team' -- Campagnolo shut them down years ago when they launched their own line.)  Read the entire official press release here

  • india_2.jpg (1097756 bytes)December 17, 2007--OK, there's no Campy on it, but our made-in-India town bike is pretty cool anyway.  See it here

  • December 17, 2007--ShimaNO won't be going to any podiums next year for the Discovery pro team (  They're switching for '08 from ShimaNO to SRAM (see our Nov. 29 rumor, right down there).  See the entire report at: 

  • December 10, 2007--As we reported in the rumor below, competitor SRAM is offering a new "Red" gruppo that's lighter than Record.  Not to be outdone, Campagnolo is now offering a special, pro-only Ergo lever set with (guess what) red highlights.  The red letter levers have stiffer springs for the stiffer, crisper shifts demanded by the pros.  They won't be offered to the public, which Campagnolo feels is well-served by the softer, less crisp shifts of the latest levers.  Campy Only notes that Campagnolo's transition to lighter shifts is fairly recent--their Ergo levers originally had a much more solid feel.  For more: 

  • November 29, 2007--In a recent article about top end road gruppos, industry magazine Bicycle Retailer and Industry News noted that Campagnolo's position as the lightest road gruppo (Record) was lost this year to upstart SRAM, whose "Red" group is the first ever to get below 2,000 grams.  BRAIN went on to comment on Campagnolo's lack of market share at the lower ends of the market, where hardly any bicycle manufacturers spec Campy on their production line bikes.  Said BRAIN,
    "Campagnolo's lower groups lack the 'known value' that Shimano and now even SRAM possess said [bike maker] Jamis' [Greg] Webber. Combined with long lead and delivery times, demand for Campagnolo is now more than ever limited to a small but passionate segment of the high-end market."

  • Photo: www.philoconnor.comNovember 12, 2007--In a rare online sighting (or is it "reading"?) Campagnolo president and managing director Valentino Campagnolo had a few words to say about EICMA, the major Italian bicycle industry trade show.  The folks over at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News reported that Campagolo said the following:
    “The timing is slightly late but it remains an important show for people who love handcrafted bicycles,” said Valentino Campagnolo, president and managing director of the renowned Italian componentry company bearing his name. “We’re here to introduce the new product range to shops and bicycle enthusiasts.”
    He was also quoted as saying, “Our presence here costs money but enthusiasts expect to see Campagnolo."  
    For more: 

  • November 12, 2007--Longtime Campy Only sponsor Branford Bik has been back open most of this year, recovering for a devastating 2006 fire.  Here are photos of the new store in Seattle:
    bb011.jpg (62949 bytes) shop_009.jpg (18948 bytes) shop_013.jpg (20933 bytes)
    If you're in the neighborhood, check the shop out. They're at 2404 10th Ave. E., Seattle, WA, which is here:
    branford_bike_location.jpg (205304 bytes)  Or ... here

  • November 4, 2007--From the "who really cares' file comes news that Campagnolo has launched a web site devoted entirely to its pricey clothing line:  We've been opining for years on this web site that Campagnolo's clothing is boring and overpriced--when you can find it. No bike shop that we know of in Northern California carries it (except rarely on deep clearance).  We didn't see any Campagnolo clothing at the bike shops we recently visited in France.  In fact, the only shop we have ever seen with a complete line of Campagnolo's clothing was in Vancouver, BC.  Now that they've launched the web site, maybe it's time to get the product out in the stores ...

  • wpe2.jpg (20080 bytes)November 4, 2007--May we say that Campagnolo's new hubs are just ... ugly? We're getting a new set of wheels built and wanted to use Record hubs. Problem #1--they only come in black. Problem #2--Chorus hubs aren't offered this year (just Record). Problem #3--Centaur hubs for 2007 look like cheap Japanese hubs from three years ago. Whatever happened to style? Campagnolo's desire to trim weight has also resulted in a heinously ugly design that carries none of the style we have all come to know and love. BTW, our "new" wheels will be rebuilt on a set of existing (stylish) Record hubs from about five years ago. They should be good for at least another five years.

  • September 16, 2007--As previously reported here (see this March 22 Rumors entry), Taiwanese component manufacturer Fulcrum has parterned with Campagnolo to produce components designed in Italy. It has been pointed out that Fulcrum's entry in the off-road wheel market now means that an all-Campy MTB drivetrain is now possible (if you stretch that definition a little to include Fulcrum's wheels). Campy's flat bar controls fit nicely on MTB bars, and there's a wide range of compact or double cranks available, plus wide-range derailleurs.  

  • July 16, 2007--Official news about the 2008 lineup.  
    Completely redefined front derailleur for the Record and Chorus groupsets. The Centaur groupset gets a carbon fibre crankset option. The Shamal Ultra wheel comes with an additional finish: Titanium.

    New Record and Chorus front derailleurs
    The Record and Chorus front derailleurs have been completely redesigned. The new 2008 range versions have a standardized fork, compatible both with standard and compact cranksets, and new body and inner plate designs which provide a marked improvement in shifting performance.

    Front derailleur body: The new body has been designed to embrace the two plates, the inner one and the front one. As a result the system is much more rigid and produces higher shifting performance, especially when shifting up with force from the smallest sprocket to the largest, i.e. at the most critical moment.

    Front derailleur fork: the new fork design was developed to function perfectly with both standard and CT Campagnolo cranksets. The new fork retains the front part of the previous CT front derailleur, in other words the part that couples the chain at the moment of shifting towards the largest sprocket. But the rest of the fork is new. The curving and height of the fork are the fruit of laboratory testing which made it possible to establish a perfectly effective form in the case of both standard and compact sprockets.

    Front derailleur inner plate: the new inner plate is overturned and pulled back compared with the previous one. This solution improves chain thrust when shifting towards the largest sprocket. Now the point at which the plate pushes on the front derailleur is in the middle part of the fork and no longer at the front. The result is a greater force applied to the fork and an increase in the rigidity of the whole.

    Centaur, Veloce and Mirage front derailleurs
    The front derailleurs of the Centaur, Veloce and Mirage groupsets adopt the new standardized fork for Standard and Compact cranksets.

    Centaur Carbon crankset
    The Centaur groupset will have an Ultra-Torque Carbon crankset option. The Centaur groupset, which with its technology and technical solutions is in no way inferior to competition groupsets, offers the Ultra-Torque carbon fibre crankset option in the 2008 range. Campagnolo therefore continues the march begun last year to bring the distinctive technological pluses of its top range to the middle range too: Ultra-Torque crankset, Skeleton brakes and carbon fibre. All of this, obviously, at a more reasonable price.

    Cranks: multidirectional carbon fibre with unidirectional carbon fibre structure
    Sprockets: aluminium
    Screws: steel
    Toothing: 53/39 – 50/34
    Lengths: 170 – 172.5 - 175
    Weight: 756 grams

    Shamal Ultra wheel with new Titanium finish
    Last year Campagnolo introduced a new top range wheel, the Shamal Ultra, which placed itself at the top of the Campagnolo aluminium wheel range. Just as with the first Shamal, the Shamal Ultra has been made with the best technologies and the finest materials. Shamal Ultra was conceived as a multipurpose wheel, effective in every situation, and all this excellence would have to be recognizable at first sight - which is why Campagnolo chose the gold colour for its debut year.

    Shamal Ultra was one of the most successful products in 2007 and so Campagnolo decided to offer it in two colour versions for the next season: Gold and the new Titanium. A sober and elegant colour, which sticks out from the crowd and perfectly matches different frame colours. Shamal rims have a differentiated section: 26 mm for the front rim and 30 for the rear. This solution is currently the one which offers the maximum result in terms of performance and reliability. This is because we have a light and very steerable wheel at the front and a rigid and reactive wheel at the rear. The rims are lightened between the spoke insertion zones, namely in that section of the rim where you can reduce the thicknesses without compromising the solidity of the structure. The top bridge of the rims has no holes, and this translates into greater torsional rigidity and vertical elasticity for the wheel. The rear rim is drilled asymmetrically to obtain an improved wheel dish and a more correct distribution of stresses. Dynamic wheel balancing is assured by special milling in the section opposite the joint to balance the mass of the joint during wheel rotation.
    The variable-section aluminium aero spokes are distributed radially on the front wheel and with Campagnolo's G3 geometry on the rear. Their tensioning is assured by aluminium nipples which lighten the system and simplify maintenance operations.
    The hubs feature a carbon fibre central body and aluminium flanges with special machining to lighten them. There is an oversize aluminium axle and rotation is entrusted to adjustable bearings with 15 balls, also available optionally in ceramic. The rear hub has an oversize righthand flange to increase torsional rigidity and therefore transfer of the drive torque. Shamal Ultra wheels adopt a freewheel body which integrates the pawl carrier presented by Campagnolo last September.
    The quick releases have a forged aluminium handle and two anchoring points for even
    distribution of the operating force.
    Shamal Ultra is compatible with Campagnolo and HG drivetrains and is available in clincher
    and tubular versions.
    Weight: 1,395 grams.

  • electronic_rear.jpg (34808 bytes)July 10, 2007--From ... photos of the Electronic Gruppo at Stage 2 of the Tour de France.  Will someone tell us again why we should buy an expensive gruppo that stops shifting when the batteries run out?  Photos here at Cyclingnews.

  • June 26, 2007--Lest we forget, next year will mark Campagnolo's 75th year in business.  You may have already read about this elsewhere (including the official site), but they're having a contest to celebrate the event:
    Campagnolo celebrates 75th anniversary
    VICENZA, Italy – The famous Italian brand kicks off its 75th anniversary in 2008 with an art contest. Fans can create the graphics for the Bora wheel. The renowned Italian component maker wants to celebrate this important milestone along with its many enthusiasts all over the world. It has therefore organized a competition, Bora Art, what will give an extraordinary chance to its fans to create a graphic design for the Bora wheel.
    The theme will be: “Bora: epitome of technology, performance, speed and success”. To join, check on and download the participation kit. The competition has just started and creations can be mailed up to September 14. The 10 selected creations will be exhibited at the EICMA Bici Show in Milan next November, and published on the Campagnolo Bora Art website to allow the public to choose the winner.
    The winners will be awarded with the following prizes: 1st: a bike fitted with Chorus groupset and Bora wheels with the winning graphics; 2nd a bike fitted with Centaur groupset and Eurus wheels and 3rd: a bike with Mirage groupset and Vento wheels.
    " (From

  • mini-030.jpg (128201 bytes)June 23, 2007--We took our Campy-equipped Rivendell for a ride in the mountains. Click here for photos.

  • May 17, 2007--Campy Only sponsor Total Cycling reports that they're nearly sold out of higher-end silver hubs, and having trouble finding more to sell.  They suggest that, unless supply improves, Record and Chorus hubs could become almost ... collectible.

  • fulcrumtorque.jpg (10777 bytes)March 22, 2007--When is an Ultra Torque crank not a Campagnolo Ultra Torque crank? When it's made by Fulcrum.  The Taiwan-based component maker, which already markets wheels designed by Campagnolo, will start selling a line of cranksets based on the Ultra Torque system, according to  Two models will be offered, both in carbon fiber.  The pricier "RS" version is advertised at 699 grams (with cups and bearings), while the "R" model weighs in at 751 grams.  Hollow arms and alloy chainring bolts  bring the weight down on the RS.  More info here

  • March 21, 2007--The British online cycling mag asked a top pro what the biggest difference between Campagnolo and ShimaNO is.  His answer? "The shape of the levers."  That's it, at least according to Australian Matt White, who rode for Discovery Channel in 2006 and 2007. "When the equipment is kept in good condition and replaced regularly, like it is on our race bikes, we don't have too many stuff ups from either groupset. I'm happy to ride both."  Full report here

  • pez_electronic.jpg (29256 bytes)March 16, 2007--Still more news about the electronic gruppo, this time from Pez Cycling.  Check out their report at 

  • March 11, 2007--Thanks to the reader who spotted these photos of the latest version of the electronic gruppo.  The system is looking more finished than ever, but we will say again (as one of the posters on the BB where the photos were reproduced) that this gruppo is the answer to the question nobody asked.  Look at the battery under the bottle cage, the hefty plunger that works the front mech, and the heavy duty wire that is run (with zip ties, no less) all the way to the rear of the bike.  Why would you carry all this stuff and have to put up with worrying about a dead battery out on the road that will turn your 20-speed into a 1-speed?  Having said that, we will once again predict that, no matter how expensive the electronic system is, Campagnolo will sell every single one that they make.
    electronic_1.jpg (92819 bytes) electronic_8.jpg (83616 bytes) electronic_2.jpg (91423 bytes) electronic_7.jpg (72679 bytes) electronic_3.jpg (81985 bytes) electronic_6.jpg (99111 bytes) electronic_4.jpg (97655 bytes) electronic_5.jpg (111234 bytes)

  • March 8, 2007--Anyone who knows Richard Sachs also knows that he is decidedly unromantic about his frames.  He builds them to be ridden, not just looked at (witness his sponsorship of cyclocross, a sport that involves taking his bikes and throwing them over barriers into the frozen mud).  He makes finely crafted tools, which also happen to be showpieces.  However, Richard is craftsman enough to appreciate the art involved in what he does, and he has now collaborated with photographer Jeffrey Weir, of Greenwich, Connecticut, to produce a minimalist book comprised solely of photographs of his frames.  Even if you're not a fan of traditional steel, there's lots to look at here.  If you are a fan of steel and Sachs, it's just the thing to while away the days waiting for your frame to arrive ... More info here

  • IMG_2892_800.jpg (104889 bytes)March 6, 2007--Is this the ancestor of the Ergo lever?  Inventor Joel Evett told Campy Only that he showed this working prototype of an integrated shift/brake lever to Campagnolo in the 1970s.  According to Evett, Tullio Campagnolo himself dismissed it as a novelty.  Evett does indeed hold patents from the 1970s on integrated shift/brake systems.  He has come up with eight different versions of a new system (see it here at the bottom of the page) that replaces Ergo's pivoting levers with a single scroll wheel.  Who knows--we may see it on the road someday.
    See Evett's patents here  More photos from here

  • February 13, 2007--Trademark issues have prompted the owner of to change the name of his web site to   The use of "Campagnolo" in the web address caused the change.

  • first_race.jpg (21533 bytes)February 7, 2007--Campagnolo has won the season's first European pro race, at the GP d'Ouverture La Marseillaise.  Jeremy Hunt of the Unibet squad is shown taking the race by several lengths.  (Hunt's unusual jersey design is the result of a dispute over whether Unibet can advertise in France.)  Photo source: 

  • February 5, 2007--Official news from Campagnolo reports that they will be the parts provider for ten pro-tour and ten continental professional teams for the 2007 season.  The teams include:

    Ag2R (*)
    Bouygues-Telecom (*)
    Caisse d’Epargne (*)
    Quick-Step – Innergetic
    Predictor – Lotto (*)

    Acqua e Sapone (*)
    G.S. Tenax
    G.S. Panaria
    G.S. Tinkoff (*)
    Jelly Belly (*)
    Miyata – Subaru (*)
    Navigators (*)
    Relax – Gam (*)
    Team Jacques – T. Interim (*)

    The official news release:
    Vicenza, 5 February 2007 - Campagnolo will be the technical sponsor of 10 Pro-Tour and 10 Continental teams in the 2007 season. This is considerable increase over the already conspicuous investment last year when it had 8 Pro-Tour and 5 Continental teams on the starting line.

    The reason for this decision is quite simple: Campagnolo came into being from a passion for the racing world, and all its products sprang from this. A few years after its debut in professional racing, Campagnolo became an integral part of that world, immediately winning the toughest challenges: extreme conditions of use and the fastidiousness of the great champions – sometimes theirs whims as well. The passion for racing, combined with these two factors, was the motor that drove the Vicenza company to produce components and wheels which would always be one step ahead of its champions' expectations. The result? Campagnolo has been a synonym for passion and for bike components of the highest quality for over 70 years.

    This year Campagnolo can boast of the presence among its athletes of two World Champions, Paolo Bettini and Tom Boonen, and of the two Pro-Tour winners, Alejandro Valverde and Danilo Di Luca.

    The teams sponsored by Campagnolo will use Record components, in particular the new Ultra-Torque crankset in the standard and CT versions, the new Skeleton brakes, and the Bora Ultra, Hyperon Ultra, Shamal Ultra, Neutron Ultra, Eurus and Ghibli wheels.

  • February 4, 2007--We're a few days late (sorry!), but it's worth noting that Branford Bike, a longtime friend of Campy enthusiasts (and a Campy Only sponsor for more than ten years) is open again in a new physical location (Seattle) but the same web address:  Check out their web site--the new store will be stocking the same items you've come to depend on them for.  Welcome back, BB!

  • specializedbike.jpg (36947 bytes)February 3, 2007--Longtime ShimaNO users Specialized will be riding on Campy-equipped bikes for 2007.  Well, mostly Campy ... check out this photo from that shows a decidely non-Campy crankset and a pair of Roval wheels.

Got a rumor? Send it to us!

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