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The Campy Only Sachs
Our custom Richard Sachs.
Click below for our archived reports in "The Richard Sachs Project," including photos from raw materials to finished bicycle.
The Richard Sachs Project


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Our Fixed-Gear Rivendell Quickbeam
A fixed gear touring bike with (sigh) very little Campy on it
Fixed Gear Raysport
Our fixed-gear conversion of a "lost in time" frame from 1975
The Campy Only Retro Bike
Check out Joe Bell's work on this bike, which incorporates some of the very first Campagnolo stuff we ever owned
The Campy Only Rivendell Road
We acquired this bike in December 2006. Traditional steel makes for a great ride. (We recently changed out the carbon crankset for a Centaur Compact.)
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The Campy Only Cinelli
We refurbished this classic 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa.

Dahon "Speed Pro"
Here's a photo of us with our folding travel bike. Fits into a suitcase for road trips.
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Our made-in-India copy of an English touring bike. Rod brakes, fenders, full chain guard, etc. Tons of chrome-plated steel
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mini-S7304733.JPG (374963 bytes)
Cycles Gaansari 'Cross Bike
Single-speed cyclocross bike added to our collection in November 2007. Black cantilevers are for now the only Campy parts--but not a speck of Shimano!
mini-S7304735.JPG (265114 bytes) mini-S7304736.JPG (320506 bytes)
Other Bikes Not Shown Here:
--Our Pashley "Guvnor" (a 1920's-style singlespeed)
--Dahon "Curve" (folding town bike)
--Electra "Amsterdam" (a non-folding town bike)
Gone but not forgotten ...
Campy Only Soma Rush
The (former) Campy Only Fixed Gear Soma Rush
One ring, one cog, no coasting!
Campy Only Merlin
The (former) Campy Only Merlin
Note: Our original (1990) Merlin frame finally bit the dust in January 2002--Merlin sent a new Agilis frame, which is profiled above

The (former) Campy Only Retro Bike
Dscn1820_800.jpg (202979 bytes)
The (former) Campy Only Merlin Agilis

The Campy Only "Rasta" Bike
Part bike, part art project

 teschner032_800.jpg (211591 bytes)
The Campy Only Teschner
Light, stiff, comfortable--this bike did it all

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