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Campagnolo Only Classified Ads! We provide free listings for Campagnolo equipment wanted and for sale!

Richard Sachs built a frame for your C-O webmaster!  Check out our ongoing feature, the Richard Sachs Project to learn more about the craftsmanship involved in building the world's best frames.

Read about the painting craftsmanship of Joe Bell, a Campy Only sponsor
shimano_cd1.jpg (73365 bytes) Is This Some Sick Joke?
We opened our mailbox, and found this--mail from ShimaNO?!
Is this man the world's #1 Campagnolo fan?  Check out our Campy Tattoos page and decide for yourself.
img00004.jpg (46547 bytes) How about a Campagnolo seat for your all-Campy bicycle?  Campagnolo used to make them!   Click here for more info on this little-known chapter in Campy history
The 50th Anniversary Gruppo We look back at Campagnolo's unique 50th Anniversary Gruppo. Photos!
Century Finish
Read the entire 1991 Campagnolo catalog.  Lots of interesting stuff--four complete MTB gruppos, a special Japanese Keirin version of the Record Pista gruppo, even a water bottle specially designed for off-road use!  Click here to visit the catalog.
Campy's Ergopower Technical Manual You won't find it on the official site, but it's hereat Campagnolo Only! Complete instructions on disassembling and reassembling your Ergopower lever!  

It can be done!  We rebuilt our Ergo lever, and you can too.  Click here to read our tips for restoring that "like new" function to your levers.
Ergopower Installation
How to install and use your Ergopower levers.


Check out our road tests of Campagnolo equipment:  ProFit Pedals, Proton Wheels, Record Carbon Levers, Record Ti SeatpostLubrication by Campagnolo is checked out here as well.

Coming soon: New Record hubs, Montreal rims, the Record crankset, and the ErgoBrain computer.  And: Check out Road Test 1999, our most ambitious testing program ever.

Tech Talk Directory
Tech Talk 1
Tech Talk 2
Tech Talk 3
Tech Talk 4
Tech Talk 5
Tech Talk 6
Tech Talk 7
Tech Talk 8
Tech Talk 9
Tech Talk 10
Tech Talk 11
Tech Talk 12
Tech Talk 13
Tech Talk 14
Tech Talk 15
Tech Talk 16
Tech Talk 17

Tim Laflin gives you the scoop on how Campy fares in the latest battle with ShimaNO! Tech Talk 1 looks at 8 vs. 9 speeds; Tech Talk 2 examines headsets; Tech Talk 3 takes apart hubsets; Tech Talk 4 squeezes info from brakes; Tech Talk 5 gets to the "bottom" of bottom brackets; Tech Talk 6 pits Ergo against STI. It's a Record vs. Dura-Ace Shootout at Tech Talk 7! Tech Talk 8 examines lubrication--and how grease can hurt your hubs! Tech Talk 9 helps get your cogs in the right order! Tech Talk 10 examines Campy's new Pro-Fit pedals. Tech Talk 11 takes a spin with Campy's 1998 wheel lineup. Tech Talk 12 looks at rims for '98. 1998's lines are examined in Tech Talk 13; we updated for 1999 in Tech Talk 14. Campy's new Carbon Record Ergo levers are tested in Tech Talk 15. Check out the '99 Ti seatpost in Tech Talk 16.  First look at the Y2K gruppos in Tech Talk 17

Marco Pantani's Tour-Winning Bianchi!
Straight from a post-Tour race in Denmark, here are photos of the latest Campy-equipped bike to be ridden to Tour de France victory! Click here to read BiciSport's recent article on the significance of Pantani's victory.
Campy factory
Campagnolo's factory--exclusive photos from one of our friends in Vicenza!

Campagnolo Only's friends around the world--Our new photo section, featuring Campy fans the world over.
Campy has patented an electronic shifting system! Read our exclusive report! Could this be the Record shifter of the future?
Added March 2000: The future includes a Campy-equipped bike that shifts itself!

Campagnolo wine?  Click to learn more about the true fanatic's choice of liquid refreshment.

Don't forget to look for the Campy Only team vehicle on the roads of Northern California!
Read our first road test of Campagnolo's latest advance in pedal technology!
Our Bike Story is here! Read this Campy-ized version of the hit movie! A happy (Campagnolo) ending is guaranteed!
Rumors and Innuendo? What would the Web be without 'em? We provide our share! Send us your favorites!
What are those symbols? Click and learn!
The Wall Street Journal Profiles Campagnolo The famous Wall Street Journal profiled Campagnolo in its International edition--and featured Campagnolo Only! Here's a reprint of the WSJ article!
Top Ten Reasons:
Why Campy is Best!
We suggest why Campagnolo beats the pants of that "S" stuff! Also: Why "S" riders are stupid. Don't miss it!
Ten New Reasons from Tim Laflin!
Mechanics Know Best! More reasons why professionals prefer Campagnolo! (Great stuff from Tim Laflin)
A New Song to Sing! Guess which manufacturer gets bashed in this one. Click and sing!
Campagnolo's Tour de
France Victories
We summarize one of the most amazing winning streaks in the history of sport! Updated with Marco Pantani's 1998 victory--28 of 32 recent Tours have been won on Campagnolo! 1998 update: Once again, Campagnolo is at the front of the peloton in the Tour de France. Click here for a complete rundown of top finishers in 1998 and the equipment they rode.
Campagnolo's Giro d'Italia Victories Same amazing history of victory, this time in Mother Italy.
Campagnolo at the 1996 Olympic Games If the medal was gold, the components were Campy!
Campagnolo History Five words that changed the history of cycling: "Bisogno cambiá qualcossa de drio!" ("Something must change in the rear!") The amazing true story behind the world's finest components!
1965 Ducati:
Campy Equipped!
Get on your Campy-equipped motor scooter and ride! Photos of Campagnolo's rare mechanical motorcycle disk brakes, courtesy of one of our readers.
Handled by Beautiful Italian Maidens A few more reasons why Campagnolo is better than that other "S"tuff.
Better Off-Road, Too! You don't hear much about Campy's off-road gruppos. Here are the facts!
Our 9-Speed
Road Test!

(From 1997)
We're road-testing Campy's new 9-speed gruppo. See what we thought after being on the road with 9 speeds for a month. Pssst . . . Campy may have a little secret!
Tips and Trivia What does "Brev." mean, and why does Campy stamp it all over their stuff? You'll find Campagnolo trivia here--tech tips, too!
Contacting Campy Here's how to get in touch with the factory pastaheads! Tell 'em Campagnolo Only sent you!
Our Philosophy Check out why we go to all the trouble to post this page!
Fun With ShimaNO?! Yes, it is possible to have fun with the S-stuff. Here's how!
Please Forgive Him! A Campagnolo fan put ShimaNO on an Italian bike. He's very, very sorry--here's his apology to the world!
Ooops! Even Campy blows it once in a while!
Yes, Campy Did Mountain Stuff, Too! You won't hear much about it anywhere else, but here is the truth about Campy's MTB groups!
Campy's Superiority Explained Longtime Campy fan Dave Murakami weighs in with his thoughts on the greatness of the stuff from Vicenza.
Under His Skin We found the Tattooed Mechanic. He's a professional mechanic, and he displays his Campy pride 24 hours a day! One of our readers also spotted a tattoo at the Tour Du Pont!
Barf On It! ShimaNO's advice for people who use their equipment!

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